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Penzion GreenHof

Price List

Double bedroom                   55 €
Single bedroom                     45 €

The price per room includes accomodation per 1 night
enclosed parking inside the premises protected by CCTV,
unlimited use of wireless or wired Internet access,
privatparking, Wi-fi internet)

Breakfast 5, - € / person

Discounts for long-term accommodation:

(applicable only for uninterrupted stay, the number
of days is not cumulated after the guests leave and after they
come back after discontinuance of the stay)

Number of days:                              more than 8 days

Doubleroom                                                    50 €
Singleroom                                                      40 €

Note: We don't include breakfast for discounted accomodation
Prices are including 10% VAT and including the tax for
accomodation 0,50 € / person / day

The price list is valid from 1.1. 2024.

Opening hours:
Our guests are able to accommodate 24 hours(nonstop) per day.

In the absence of service at the reception, use the bell
at the entrance of the building, or call mob. phone.: 00421 903 209 995

0903 / 209 995

Marcheggská 88
900 31 Stupava
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